The Bookplate Journal has been issued twice a year by the Society since 1983. A full listing of all the contents of these journals is given on a separate page. See here.

Annual volumes issued by the Society since 1983 have, in addition to those mentioned below, featured many bookplate designers: Franz von Bayros, Austin Osman Spare, JAC Harrison, Philip Hagreen, WP Barrett, and Rex Whistler. Topics have also included London Bookplates, Some Indian and Related Bookplates, and the Golden Age of Bookplate Design.
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Publications currently in print and available from the Society are listed below.
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 Cover of British Royal Bookplates  Bookplate of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother BRITISH ROYAL BOOKPLATES and Ex-Libris of related families, by Brian North Lee, 259pp, 280 ills, hardback, dust wrapper, 1992. A major reference work, based on the author's collection, since dispersed. £15.00 £18.00
 Cover of Bookplates by Lord Badeley  Lord Fairhaven's armorial bookplate by Badeley BOOKPLATES BY LORD BADELEY by James Wilson and Brian North Lee. 58pp, and 30 plates. Lists Badeley's 227 ex-libris. 1993 £11.00 £16.00
 Cover of Bookplates from Mussett's Heraldic Office  Label of John Fothergill by Mussett BOOKPLATES FROM MUSSETT'S HERALDIC OFFICE by Brian North Lee, 80pp, 22 plates. Surprisingly large output of over 500 bookplates from this heraldic stationer. 1994 Almost O/P. £12.00 £18.00
 Cover of Indian Bookplates  WP Barrett bookplate for bookseller Thomas Nelson SOME INDIAN AND RELATED BOOKPLATES by Brian N Lee, 1995. 82 pages and 82 b&w ills. Out of print but some copies bought in. N/A
 Cover of Bookplates by Robert Osmond  Bookplate by Osmond for Athelstan Riley BOOKPLATES BY ROBERT OSMOND, by Brian North Lee, 126 pp, 23 plates. Complete catalogue of work by a fine engraver. 1998 £13.00 £20.00
 Cover of Suffolk & Norfolk Bookplates  Bookplate of Robert Nash by Hillyard SOME SUFFOLK AND NORFOLK EX-LIBRIS, by John Blatchly 154 pp, well illustrated, engaging topographical study. 2000 £14.00 £21.00
 Cover of Premium or Prize Ex-Libris  Presentation plate to The Nautical College, Pangbourne PREMIUM OR PRIZE EX-LIBRIS by Brian North Lee. 118pp, 130 plates. Fascinating insight into these quaint & curious labels. 2001 £13.00 £20.00
 Cover of The Bookplates of George Wolfe Plank  Bookplate by Plank for Caroline Olney THE BOOKPLATES OF GEORGE WOLFE PLANK by John Blatchly, 2002. 96 pages and 140 b&w ills. Almost O/P. £10.00 £15.00
 Cover of Bookplates of Heralds  Bookplate of Francis Martin, Windsor Herald SOME BOOKPLATES OF HERALDS by Brian North Lee FSA, 2003. 155 pages and approx. 150 b&w ills. (Special edition is sold out) N/A
 Cover of Bookplates in the Trophy Style  Trophy for Duncan by Ezekiel BOOKPLATES IN THE TROPHY STYLE by Paul Latcham, 2005. 184 pages and over 300 b&w ills. Published July 2006 £14.00
 Cover of Bookplates in the Trophy Style  Trophy for Pat Doherty SUPPLEMENT TO BOOKPLATES IN THE TROPHY STYLE by Paul Latcham, 2016. 16 pages and 18 b&w ills. Published November 2016 £4.00
 Cover of East Anglian Ex-Libris  Jacobean bookplate of Beaupré Bell EAST ANGLIAN EX-LIBRIS by John Blatchly FSA, 2008. 128 pages, 16 colour and approx 250 b&w ills. Member's book for 2007/2008. £14.00
 Cover of Voysey Bookplates  Bookplate illustrated on back cover of book THE BOOKPLATES AND BADGES OF CFA VOYSEY by Karen Livingstone, 248pp, 100 ills in colour, hardcover, 2010. Architect CFA Voysey 1857-1941 designed ex-libris much influenced by Morris, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau. £18.00 N/A
 Cover of The Bookplates of Miss C Helard  Ex-libris of Grace Neville, a typical design by Miss Helard THE BOOKPLATES OF MISS C HELARD by Colin R Lattimore, 140pp, 177 b&w ills, softcover, 2012. As wife of heraldic authority Arthur Fox-Davies, this artist was well placed to design many fine armorial bookplates. Ask for details of the special edition. £14.00 £22.00
 Cover of Strawberry Leaves  Susanna Mary, Duchess of Grafton STRAWBERRY LEAVES by Colin R Lattimore, 200pp, 249 b&w ills, softcover, 2016. A selection of the bookplates of non-royal dukes. Hardbound copies are sold out. £16.00 £24.00
 Cover of March 2003 issue of The Bookplate Journal showing the handcoloured bookplate 
                of Cardinal David Beaton  Cover of September 2003 issue of The Bookplate Journal (coming soon) THE BOOKPLATE JOURNAL and INDEXES
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